Tiger Vs Pathaan: Full Story, Release Date, Cast, Budget

 Tiger vs Pathaan: The Ultimate Spy Showdown

It would be huge treat for the fans of Salman and Shahrukh to see them clash on a big screen. This is going to happen in movie Tiger Vs Pathaan which makes the movie exciting to watch. They might fight because they belong to different agencies and have different agendas

The Director and the Plot of Tiger vs Pathaan

Tiger Vs Pathaan is a part of YRF Spy universe which is directed by Siddarth Anand who have already given many good action thriller, like band bang, yrf universe movies pathaan and war also which are blockbuster in box office and loved by people all over the world. He is provided a big task for bringing the two khans togather for there full movie after Karan Arjun released in 1995.

The Budget and the Cast of Tiger vs Pathaan

The budget of Tiger Vs Pathaan will be about 300 Crore which is high, and its one of most expensive movies made in india. The production will be costly because there are many big actors included in this film like Shah rukh khan who will play role of Pathan, Salman who will play role of Tiger, John Abraham will play role of main antagonist who causes all the conflict between tiger and pathaan deepika and katrina in roles of Rubina and Zoya.  Also Ashutosh rana will play role of Colonial Sunil Luthra who will assign mission.


This is a fan plot, According to this In the movie Tiger 3, Tiger played by Salman khan will be totally broken by Villain emran hashmi. He has only hope which is his family, but they got killed or damaged. No one helps him from the Raw so he become enraged and decided to destroy the country because no one supported him. He uses his allies to cause chaos used all the secret information placed bombs in different places to take revenge.  So, in movie Pathaan vs Tiger Pathaan as a spy agent is sent on mission to stop tiger, so they will fight, but then a shocking twist comes which is Jim played by John abraham. They got to know that Jim was one to create problems for Tiger and his family  so they both team up together and fight jim again

The Shooting Locations and the Action Scenes of Tiger vs Pathaan

This movie shooting will began on January 2024 and news are that this movies is going to shoot worldwide in locations like ,  Dubai, London, Istanbul and Morocco. Its a complete action movie so it will contain high octane action sequences which include cars, guns, bikes, voilence etc. Also latest technology is used in making this film so it will give good visuals, feel, thrill and beauty of locations. It will also have some high thrilling music. 

The Cameos and the Connections of Tiger vs Pathaan

The movie will also have some cameo appearances from other characters of the YRF spy universe, such as Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) anfabd Khalid (Tiger Shroff) from War, and Arjun (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali (Uday Chopra) from Dhoom. The movie will also have some references and connections to the previous films of the franchise, such as Tiger Zinda Hai, Pathaan and War, creating a cohesive and coherent spy universe. This movie will contain lot of twists and turns which will keep audience. It will have intense plot which will join all main characters into one movie of YRF spy universe

The Expectations and the Release Date of Tiger vs Pathaan

In this movie two biggest stars of bollywood are collabing which have millions of fans worldwide. They have ruled Box office from decades. This is also part of YRF franchise which is now a well known and successful franchise people know movies of YRF franchise have thrilling intense plot, amazing stunning locations, music and lot of action. So people will have lot of expectations from tiger vs pathaan movie

This movie will began production in 2024 February so its supposed to release on late 2024 or early 2025. This will definately broke records on box office, because it will bring together two most loved and respected actors in in the industry 

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